• Phase 1

    Preparing a transparent structure and commercial activity plan of the company

  • Phase 2

    iOS/Android/Windows/Mac/Web app development start

  • Phase 3

    Cloud mining platform and data-center

  • Phase 4

    Bulleon International Debit Card

  • Phase 5

    Bulleon cryptocurrency trading platform

  • Phase 6

    E-Commerce payment gateway for Merchants

  • Phase 7

    Peer-2-peer lending platform

  • Phase 8

    Biometric hardware wallet & login authentication

  • Phase 9

    Integration of services into a single active platform

  • Phase 10

    The first payment of dividends and launch of a full-fledged commercial activity

  • Project launch

  • Bounty program launch

    Bounty program will help to spread the word. Translators, bloggers, writers or otherwise helping people will get the reward for their work.

  • Decentralized ICO launch

    ICO will start at phase one. Phases are not time-constrained, once one phase sells out, the next one will start automatically.

  • Official marketing campaign launch

  • Recruitment & selection hiring process launch

    Hiring required employees and specialists (marketing experts, advisors, finance managers, designers, programmers, assistants).

  • The establishment of a headquarters

  • The beginning of Bulleon platform development

  • BUL Token crowdsale is started (Smart-contract)

  • MVP is officially released

  • First alpha/beta versions of Bulleon are released

  • Client accounts pre-registration begins

  • Limited number of consumers get access to functional Bulleon ecosystem

  • First customer satisfaction benchmarking

  • The commercial activity of the company has begun

  • Listing on major exchanges

  • Maintaining brand awareness

  • Intensive cooperation with the BUL owners