Revolutionizing the way of financial transactions.

what is bulleon?

Bulleon is a universal Digital asset Sphere, it is designed to serve the most common asset related commercial and e-services.

all in the same concept

The purpose of the product is to provide end users with the everyday digital asset related services from a single place, it is a service that will significantly facilitate online affairs.

interests of the shareholders

Bulleon as a currency is a shareholder’s certificate with voting rights and the right to receive dividends from Bulleon’s operating income. Our strategy to make Bulleon mighty and respectable is simple and unique on the crypto-market.

join the collaboration today and invest in the future

You just got the invitation to join us, Bulleon is a community driven development project. Be a part of the world’s first company that revolutionizes digital financial transactions.

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The blockchain keeps everyone honest, and a whole layer of banking bureaucracy is removed, lowering costs.


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Vitaly Chizhov


Vitaly is the driving force behind Bulleon. A self-confessed blockchain enthusiast with over 7 years of experience navigating the cryptoverse. When he is not thinking about the next big idea, he enjoys exploring topics that range from technology and programming to economics.

Arina Golubeva


Focused and determined, Arina is Bulleon’s co-founder and CMO. She brings to the table years of experience in marketing leadership positions, a superb marketing strategist mindset and a dynamic personality to achieve results with impact.

Alex Golubev


A passionate and experienced developer capable of turning any idea into reality with the power of code. Now, he combines his know-how, experience and capacity to solve complex problems at lightning speed to guide Bulleon’s technological strategy.

Syeed Hayder


An accredited Financial Specialist with nearly a decade of international experience. Now, Syeed is ready to leverage his results-oriented mind and financial acumen to create effective financial models, spot trends and remain on top of the latest market changes to ensure that Bulleon becomes a success.

Anita Volk


Known for her limitless creativity and unbelievable capacity to create innovative design concepts, Anita joins Bulleon’s dream team on a mission to unlock the power of great design and help take projects to fruition.

Anton Koltsov


Anton Koltsov is a Blockchain developer and an essential part of Bulleon's development team. With over 14 years of combined experience in programming, Blockchain technology and smart-contract writing, Koltsov is a certified Blockchain expert who has been a vital part of countless Blockchain projects. Now, he leverages his experience to impact an entire industry along with our team, equipped with the know-how and skills to tackle any project regardless of complexity.

Davor Bebek


With a master’s degree in Law, Davor decided to take the leap and become a social media manager and consultant for several blockchain companies. Now, he joins Bulleon as an experience campaign builder ready to drum up interest, awareness and engagement across multiple social media channels.

Mani Arjun


A day trader and investor who knows the blockchain and virtual currency industry inside out. Aware of the potential of Blockchain and Bulleon’s impact, Mani decided to join this adventure as a Community Manager.

Denis Balabanov


With over 15 years of experience as a graphic designer, Denis is a powerhouse when it comes to taking any complex projects into reality. Today, he combines his experience and mastery as a graphic designer to ensure that Bulleon’s User Interface and User Experience are at the top of their game.

Nathan Christian


A serial entrepreneur with over 35 start-ups under his belt, an MBA and a renowned technical expert in blockchain-based accounting and financial applications. Nathan will combine his drive and successful track record to cement Bulleon’s strategy, mission and vision.

Vladimir Nikitin


Ranked Top #2 Worldwide ICObench Expert, Vladimir is a world-class legal consultant who specializes in the finance, retail and IT industry. A renowned cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor who now joins Bulleon as a Legal Advisor ready to help the team navigate the complexities of the regulatory and legal framework.

Simon Cocking


Ranked Top #1 Worldwide ICObench Expert, Simon works as an advisory board member for several other successful ICO launches. He joins Bulleon to leverage his experience, sharp creative mind and successful relationships with the media to design our PR strategy, boost Bulleon’s marketing efforts and skyrocket engagement.

Phillip Nunn


A recognized specialist in the areas of finance, wealth management, angel investment and financial technology. Phillip has travelled the world sharing his blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge and has become a well-known personality. Today, he leverages over 15 years of experience to help position Bulleon as a leading company in the industry.

Matti Vilola


With over 15 years of experience working in engineering and management positions, Matti has been heavily involved in the high-tech, online, mobile and security industries. Now, he is ready to leverage his experience, technology background and capacity to adapt to ever-changing circumstances to help Bulleon get ready to respond to any market changes and achieve short and long-term success.

Nikolay Shkilev


Tech guru, Founder and CEO of the Private Business Club, recipient of the "Enterprise of the Year" award and Co-Founder of Top ICO Advisors. Nikolay joins us as an Advisor, combining over two decades of experience, countless awards in the IT sphere and a vast skill set to help define Bulleon’s path to success.



Created by a group of seasoned ICO consultants and community managers, Mosspole joins Bulleon as a strategic partner. Fully ready and able to handle public relations and community engagement, Mosspole is on a mission to help Bulleon reach new heights.



We need new faces in our team who are not afraid of new challenges. Are you one of them? If you are interested, please contact us and tell us more about yourself.

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