Bulleon Minimum Viable Product

Manage your digital assets on your desktop machine locally.

Bulleon Wallet

First version of Bulleon MVP will allow users to effortlessly manage their digital assets locally in a single platform, adding simplicity to the ecosystem. You can use Bulleon MVP as a Wallet to store your BUL tokens and Ethereum without going through endless steps and time-consuming processes.

Technology used to build the Bulleon Wallet

The MVP source code can easily be verified through the GitHub repository. The application is built on Electron.JS, a framework for creating native applications with web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS, that will simplify the entire process so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

Stay up to date with us

The first pre-alpha version will be released on October 2018. The changelog and release dates will be readily available on this webpage and, as new versions are released, your wallet will be updated automatically.


  • No need for a local node
  • AES-128 Wallet encryption
  • Wallet management
  • Open source
  • Compatible with other ERC20 wallets
  • Connected to Ethereum’s mainnet and test networks
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