2,000ETH* equivalent giveaway

*1BUL is equivalent to 0.1ETH at Phase 10

what it is all about?

You have probably got an unknown Bulleon Promo tokens into your wallet. This means that you are eligible to acquire part of the Bulleon project, in other words, to join Bulleon as a shareholder by owning a BUL token!

Do I have to pay for this?

Absolutely not. If you have received our promo tokens, all you have to do is return promotional tokens to us and get real BUL tokens in exchange. Our decentralized exchange (DEX) Smart-Contract developed by us will take care of the exchange process from promo tokens into our official token.

Why are you doing it?

Bulleon is the first in the world to develop a decentralized ICO fundraising method. We want to show the world that power is not circulating around money. That is why we have developed a Decentralized ICO method, ICO 2.0.

Decentralized ICO, what is it?

Most of the current start-ups are trying to raise funds through ICOs private sale. Large portion of tokens is sold to investors with huge amounts of wealth at a cost that is lower than what is expected to be the cost in main ICO. The funding received during the private sale is used to finance the Pre-ICO and the main ICO marketing strategy development and execution (which is the largest expenditure during the ICO phase). In other words, the price of tokens at the next stage is much higher for the regular investor.

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